Rutiliated Quartz - 6mm

Pietersite - 8mm


Metaphysical properties:

Rutiliated Quartz

A variety of Clear Quartz that contains naturally occurring strands of Rutile.

  • Powerful cleansing and purifying effects
  • Helps to understands problems and facilitates transitions and changes
  • Draws off negative energy and disease, helps to let go of the past
  • Relieves fears, phobias and anxiety
  • Aids exhaustion and lack of energy 



  • Brings cleansing energy to aid you to create change
  • Helps in getting rid of unwanted habits
  • Highly beneficial healing powers to energize your mind and motivate you to be more proactive
  • Protects one from bad weather conditions, especially while driving
  • Those working in the creative industry will find more self-confidence in finding creative solutions to problems


Bracelets are customizable to wrist sizes. Kindly indicate under "Note" your preferred wrist size. Model's wrist measures at 15.5cm. For enquiries, feel free to PM @thearoundabout or Whatsapp 87762027. We will revert back to you shortly. 

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