Create your own custom designs from $29.90!

PM to enquire for the final price.



1. PM us at @thearoundabout or whatsapp us at 87762027 to start your customized process.

2. Choose your preferred crystals

3. Decide if you want: Swarovski beads, spaces and/or charms

4. Let us know your preferred bracelet circumference.

5. We'll show you a draft, and once you're agreeable to it, we will finalise the design and then it'll be on the way to you!

6. Earrings can be customized too, so just PM us :)

Or, visit Bracelet tab to pick ready-made design and customized from there!


A Care Kit will be included for Design By A collection.

Sending as a Gift ?

Drop us a        & we'll send a Gift Card to you :)

A step too late to get what you fancy? Drop us a

We'll inform you when stock is back :)